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Scraper development vs purchase of an off-the-shelf tool

How to build a web scraper? Scrapers automatically complete tasks related to collection of information on the Internet. If you need a scraper for your work, there are several ways to get it: To create a scraper yourself. If you have a considerable experience in scraper development, this option is appropriate for you. Moreover, there …

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HTML parser

HTML parser An HTML web-pages parser (or scraper) is used for rapid collection of information for the purpose of its eventual processing. HTML parsers enable you to extract required information as quick as possible with barely a struggle. You have an opportunity to collect the information you need out of the HTML-code, specify a format …

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Product scraper

Product scraper Nowadays, a lot of online marketing specialists use online-store scrapers (parsers). They consider downloading a product scraper for filling up a store, because it not only saves their time, but considerably cut financial expenses. Let’s assume that product range of your online-store comprises 200 items. You could fill it up manually in a …

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Website grabber

Website grabber Initially, by “grabbing” was implied the process of searching for required information in a large piece of text and splitting it into notional parts. Now, virtually every web grabber (parser) not only searches for all the needed information on websites, but immediately downloads the collected data onto your resources (web-sites, blogs etc.). Typically, …

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Datacol Google Translator: Multilanguage batch translator

Datacol visual parser developers created free Datacol Google Translator for batch text files translation through Google Translate online service. Datacol Google Translator is provided with the following features: – Multilanguage text translation (through several languages); – Proxy support (program was tested on anonymous proxies with authorization); – Multithread processing; – Google Translate request delays (within …

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