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The Terms of Datacol purchase

Currently the latest version of the program is Datacol v 5.55. You can download the trial version from here. Datacol license costs only 59$.

Note! One license applies to one PC. The license has no expiration date.

About moneyback »

As far as the trial version of the program has almost the same functionality as the full version (moreover, export to file/CMS/database/email/SMS is enabled in the campaign settings test mode), the customer has an opportunity to decide whether he/she needs the program or not BEFORE purchasing it. Therefore, we provide no money back.

About Datacol campaigns development and usage consultations »

The information about paid settings and plugins order is provided here.

About bugs correction and software updates »

If you notice a bug, please send bug report via the contact form.

Datacol updates are free.

About adjustment of settings, plugins and other solutions »

Any adjustments of settings, plugins and custom solutions (except for bugs correction) are implemented on a paid basis only (e.g. source website layout or data output mechanism is changed). It applies to demo settings/plugins as well as settings/plugins developed on a paid basis. Note: the adjustments are paid regardless of how much time has gone since you accepted our work. Acceptance means revision of the work and your consent that the work is done according to the latest version of the Task Specification.

About activation transfer (to other computer) and Windows reinstallation »

Datacol activation transfer can be implemented no more than once in 2 months. Transfer instructions are given here. Necessary actions after Windows reinstallation are described here.

About reselling »

Datacol reselling is not allowed! Datacol plugins reselling and free distribution are not allowed!

Responsibility restriction »

Datacol developers are not responsible for any losses, expenses, damage or other risks, which may be caused by the use of Datacol software or Datacol settings and plugins!

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