Oscommerce extractor

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Oscommerce extractor

Oscommerce extractor is Datacol-based module, which implements automatic data collecting from certain online store. Extracted data are saved to CSV file, which can be imported to Oscommerce-based online store. You can also adjust Datacol export settings to publish data to other CMS (PrestaShop, Magento, Opencart etc.), file formats, database etc.

Oscommerce extractor: data extraction results
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Main advantages of Datacol-based Oscommerce extractor are listed below:

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Step by Step test of Oscommerce extractor

To test Oscommerce extractor:

1. Install Datacol trial version;
2. Choose exporters/oscommerce-extractor.par in the campaign tree and click Start button to launch Oscommerce extractor campaign.

Oscommerce crawler: starting data extraction
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Before launching you can open exporters/oscommerce-extractor.par settings (double click it in the campaign tree) and adjust Starting URL list. In this way you can setup links to certain online store categories you need to extract data from.

Oscommerce scraper: setting Starting URL list
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3. Wait for data extraction results to appear. When you see the first results, you can force running campaign to stop (click Stop button).

Oscommerce harvester: working process
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4. (Just in case Datacol is activated!!!) After campaign is finished/stopped you can find oscommerce-extractor.csv file in Documents folder.

Oscommerce parser: data extraction results
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How to save Oscommerce extraction results in Datacol Trial version

You can also save Oscommerce parsing results to CSV file In Datacol Trial version. Open the campaign settings window and launch Export test. To enable data export for the running campaign Activation is needed!

Export Oscommerce extraction results in TRIAL version
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Datacol Trial VS Activated

Function TRIAL Activated
One webpage data extraction results export (file/CMS/database/email/SMS) in the testing mode
Mass data extraction results export (file/CMS/database/email/SMS) in the running mode
Paid consultations on the Datacol setting process
Paid settings
Paid plugins

[spoiler show=”What if the Oscommerce extractor is blocked (banned) by the source website?” hide=”What if the Oscommerce extractor is blocked (banned) by the source website?”]
If the source website blocks your IP-address (after blocking you will get no more extraction results), use proxy.


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Data processing options for content, collected by Oscommerce extractor:

Data export options for content, collected by Oscommerce extractor:

  • Basic: CSV/TXT/Database/Excel;
  • Online stores: Magento/PrestaShop/osCommerce/OpenCart/ZENCart/VirtueMart;
  • Content CMS: WordPress/Joomla/DLE;
  • All options.

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If you have any questions, related to Oscommerce extractor, please ask via the contact form.


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