Facebook email extractor

How to extract email from Facebook?

Facebook extractor is a solution from DCBots to scrape emails from Facebook.com. As input data, you set Facebook listing link.

Finally, you receive email addresses and other essential data on friends or other facebook ID. We can also customize Facebook scraper to mine more data if you need.

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As our customer you get access to another applications from DCBots, among which there are twitter extractor, youtube grabber and email extractor.

Facebook extractor Usecases

A lot of people have accounts on Facebook. All of them are potential clients.

Of course,all of them write messages, share photos and posts. Moreover, they follow pages of different brands and join various groups.

There are a lot of places which can help you to receive e-mails from Facebook. They are, first of all, personal accounts, also different fan pages, groups and events.

DCBots can help you to scrape e-mails from Facebook. Then you will have an opportunity to use this data to attract new customers.

DCBots is the most useful in business. You can get such information as phone, email addresses, Skype, and other useful information.

About Facebook.com

Facebook was launched in 2004. It’s aim is to connect the world and help people to create social groups.

The purpose of using Facebook is to keep connection with relatives and friends. People want to explore the world events and then share and discuss them.

Such huge amount as two billion people enjoy Facebook monthly. Five hundred million users of Instagram spend time in Facebook every day. And every fifth minute of using the phone in the USA is spent on Instagram or Facebook.

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