Inbox scraper

How to extract emails and addresses from inbox?

Inbox extractor is a solution from DCBots to scrape email adresses from your inbox. As input data, you set Inbox listing link.

Finally, you receive subject, email addresses, body and other essential data on your messages. We can also customize inbox scraper to mine more data if you need.

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As our customer you get access to another applications from DCBots, among which there are facebook email extractor, YP scraper and manta extractor.

Inbox extractor Usecases

Gmail, Outlook and DCBoths can become an alternative to email marketing systems. You won’t need to spend money on costly marketing systems which require subscription.

You can obtain emails of your prospects, who have recently emailed you, after a seminar, working conference or any other activity. It’s possible to save this data in CSV file. In such a case, you can create a folder with contacts as well. However, this procedure will take a lot of time and effort because it requires manual creating of every contact.

DCBoths provides an opportunity to extract emails from the whole email account or an exact folder. It is possible to mine data only from inbox, outbox or the CC list.

This tool can also help you to analyze the topic and the content of the email. This feature is convenient for scraping the email addresses from common senders. It can be also useful for extracting emails from such letters where the email addresses are presented in the message body.

Since the emails are saved in the CSV file, different distribution services can be used, for example, Mailchimp.Thus, you will have an opportunity to compose individual emails to a distribution list.

It becomes possible to distribute a great deal of emails using Using Email Merge. You won’t have to pay every month or every year. You will get an opportunity to download an infinite amount of contacts
from your other accounts like Outlook and other files from Excel, CSV or Access.

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