Sales Navigator leads extractor

How to extract leads from Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator extractor is a solution from DCBots to scrape leads from . As input data, you set Sales Navigator listing link.

Finally, you receive leads and other essential data on people and companies. We can also customize Sales Navigator scraper to mine more data if you need.

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Sales Navigator extractor Usecases

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you to resolve many different issues. The first one is to get an access to companies and people you need to gain the correspondent perspectives.

Sales Navigator can allow you to have connection to more than five hundred million users of LinkedIn. You can do it even though you are not associated with all of them.

This tool also proposes the information chosen specially for you. It is concerned with relevant people at the target accounts.

Another benefit of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator is acquiring information about your accounts and potential clients.

You’ll have an opportunity to improve the way you share the contents of your sale and its presentation. The customers will not have to download the information.

It’s available to get to know the names of people visited your account during the last ninety days.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator doesn’t download accounts and leads to Excel or CRM.

It does not support transference of biographical information to CRM or Excel.

But you can export any necessary information using DSBots. The data will be downloaded in your preferable format to use it conveniently.

About Sales Navigator

It doesn’t matter what you’re motivated or inspired by, we can help you to understand your way to become successful.
You obviously know, that LinkedIn is the biggest and most extensive online network for professionals.

It unites more than five hundred million members from all around the globe. Moreover, more than two new users join LinkedIn every second. The whole amount includes representatives from all Fortune five hundred companies. Almost a third of users are outside the United States.

The most dynamically developing segment on this network consists of students and graduates. Their number reaches more than forty million.

LinkedIn has a versatile operating model. They have income from Marketing Solutions, Talent Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions products. The company’s offices are located all over the world with the head-office is in Silicon Valley.

In general, there are eighteen million companies on LinkedIn. More than thirteen million vacancies are represented on LinkedIn Jobs. Almost thirty thousand schools and fifty thousand skills are on the list.

The aim of this network is to increase the productiveness of their users and to help them to achieve success.

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