Salesforce extractor

How to extract data from Salesforce?

Salesforce extractor is a solution from DCBots to scrape data from As input data, you set listing link.

Finally, you receive attachments, leads and other essential data on salesforce account. We can also customize salesforce scraper to mine more data if you need.

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As our customer you get access to another applications from DCBots, among which there are Magento extractor, Oscommerce extractor and Joomla extractor.

Salesforce extractor Usecases

Save your time and work with data of Salesforce in a convenient environment.

DCBots will help you to export the information you need from Salesforce. After that, you will be able to transfer the data automatically to Excel or Google tables, database or analytics system.

You will have an opportunity to see the more complete picture of your business. In addition, it will help you to increase the business efficiency. It will also save a lot of resources and help to make the right administrative decisions.

DCBots can save your time and energy by excluding the necessity to enter data twice. This also implies reducing of data excess and errors while inputting information manually. If you use data scraper, it increases flexibility for rapid response to new data.

Discover the real importance of use of the Salesforce. If you want to become a client-oriented company and consider customers the most important constituent of your business, DCBots can come in handy.


Explore five ways of establishing the huge importance in customer relationship management by Salesforce, time after time.

You can receive more than just worldwide-known number one CRM platform with Salesforce. It means the possibility of connection with more than one hundred fifty companies with similar goals and ideas. Therefore, you will get a huge association of experts devoted to the development of your company.

You can become a leading company and outrun others for years. Do not miss the opportunity to be the first in line and take advantage of modern technologies. You can use three free updates per year and extended services. It is very effective to find the best possible direction of development for your company.

You will have an opportunity to use such benefits as high performance. We took first place according to IDC during four years.

Another advantage is artificial intellect. The first artificial intelligence can be built into your customer relationship management.

We also created an application for your convenience. Business management using mobile phone becomes possible from now. We also provide our users with analytics information.

Develop your business on safe and large-scale resource. Our platform is easy to configure and update.

You can get a chance to expand opportunities to sell and maintain. It can be achieved by using pre-integrated applications on AppExchange. Thanks to it you can monitor marketing, close the deal or cooperate and share documents.
You employees will be able to sell at a faster rate and be productive with Lightning platform. Provide and share your experience with one of the biggest and devoted partnerships. Our community includes more than two million Trailblazers. All of them have common aim. They want to pave the way to their customers.

Use the resource that can help you to develop. The effectiveness is guaranteed to increase. Your income will increase, and costs will decrease. As a result, the productiveness of your company will get higher. Manage your business easily using your phone. Get coherent cutting-edge changes.

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