Flipkart scraper

How to scrape data from Flipkart?

Flipkart scraper is a solution from DCBots to extract data from Flipkart.com. As input data, you set Flipkart listing link.

Finally, you receive reviews, product details, price and other essential data on seller. We can also customize Flipkart scraper to mine more data if you need.

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As our customer you get access to another applications from DCBots, among which there are Amazon scraper, Aliexpress extractor and Ebay scraper.

Flipkart extractor Usecases

Such websites as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and other electronic commerce sites include data about the different products.

DCBots can provide you with this information. After that, you will be able to analyze the given data.

The aim of this software is to help you to compare prices. This can be likewise applied to an analysis of your competitive companies` data.

Title of the product, its price, and pictures – all this data will be available to you. It is possible to use this information in different other apps. You can be given the extracted data in different formats such as Spreadsheets, CSV, XML, and others.

Personalized data extractor can be developed for your exact needs. This scraper will be able to provide you with prices and many more other details. You may set preferences and choose the group of products you are interested in. The chosen data will be shown automatically at a certain interval of time.

Using web scraper DCBoth you will be able to find out your position between your competitors.

You will have an opportunity to analyze the shortage of production of your competitors. Thus, you will understand the weaknesses and failures of your competitive equal companies. You will be also able to present your products as outbalancing ones. In this way, you will make people think that this purchase is profitable.

For instance, the ratings of the flipkart of your competitor decreased. Consequently, you know that you’re a leader now. You will win if you immediately promote your production as the one which is provided by the company with the highest rate. It is worth it because it will attract new buyers.

About Flipkart.com

E-commerce company Flipkart was established in 2007 by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal. Its founders left Amazon.com and created their own company – Flipkart Online Services Pvt. Ltd. At the beginning, they were selling books on the Internet. As a result, they give an idea to Indian people to buy books online.

“DigiFlip” is an assortment of products initiated by Flipkart. This range includes tablets, laptop bags, and USB flash drives.

There are more than thirty thousand employees today in Flipkart. The company was estimated at more than eleven billion dollars in 2017.

Flipkart raised a total of USD 1.4 billion dollars in 2017. The company succeeded to ensure this money, being evaluated at more than eleven billion dollars from eBay, Microsoft, and Tencent. Such supporters as Accel, Tiger Global, and DST Global took part in it too.

Two and a half billion dollars were invested by Softbank Vision Fund in 2017.

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