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Export tab is used to select formats to save extracted data. The following formats are supported:

- Excel. Excel export.

- Custom. This export type let us customize file format to save extracted data to.

- Mysql. Mysql (or MSSql) database export.

- Plugin. Export via plugin.

- Wordpress. Wordpress data publication (one data group is publicated as one post).

If Export in streamed mode option is enabled data will be exported immediately after extraction. If this option is disabled, all data are exported at the end of the parsing process.

Preexport data processing plugin makes it possible to process all collected data before export. Besides, it can cancel export (for more information please inspect Plugin section)

Process finalization plugin is used at the end of parsing process usually to release resources used by campaign.

Please inspect this paragraph to find more information on Datacol plugin mechanism.

Test block makes it possible to test the whole parsing algorithm for one page: Page load -> Data extraction -> Export.

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