Common regexes

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.*? - any string (. - any symbol ; * - any number of times; ? - take the shortest match);

abc.*?$ - string starting with abc sequence and finishing at the end of the string;

^.*?abc - from string beginning till abc sequence;

[^<>]*? - string without tags, e.g. <a[^><]*?[^><]*?>;

[^/]*? - string without slash, e.g. site/[^/]*?/[^/]*?/$;

[\d]{4,6} - string, including 4-6 digits sequence;

[\d]{4,6}$ - string, including 4-6 digits sequence at the end;

[\d]{2}$- string, including 2 digits sequence at the end;

[a-zа-я0-9А-ЯA-Z-]* - any length string, including russian and english letters, digits and dash.

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