Global replaces

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Global replaces tab used to define string replacement rules for loaded webpage source code. Thus Datacol can replace definite strings (or string patterns) with other ones. It stands in good stead when we need to remove advertisement blocks from source code, replace HTML ampersand code to ampersand itself (& to &) or simply clean content of HTML tags, scripts etc.

Global replaces are applyed to webpage source code immediately after load till data and link collecting process start. Replaces are processed in order of their list placement.

You can replace precise string value as well as regex (depending on replace Type).

Add button is used to add new replaces rule.

Remove button is used to remove selected replace rule.

Remove all button is used to remove all replace rule.

Up/Down buttons are used to change replaces rules order in list (thus change their processing order).

Turn on all and Turn off all buttons

Import/Export button

Test button

You can use following macroses to set New value:

- %NL% is interpreted as new line and carriage return character.

- %SPACE% is interpreted as space character.

- %TAB% is interpreted as tabulation character.

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