Link Collecting

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Link collecting tab used to specify link collecting process nuances. Note, that links can be collected just from pages, complying conditions specified in Basic Navigation settings.

Datacol can collect Internal links (leading to pages of the same website, where collecting is implemented), External links (leading to pages of other websites) or All links from page.

Link collecting block is used to specify Link collecting XPATH list or Link collecting Regex list for harvesting webpage code areas where link collecting will be implemented. Thus Datacol can gather links selectively. As a result website surfing will be optimised. If the lists are empty, links will be collected from entire webpage code.

Блок Вырезание ссылок позволяет задать список XPATH и список Regex, которые определят участки страницы, с которых производится сбор ссылок. Это позволяет собирать ссылки выборочно, таким образом оптимизируя серфинг Datacol по сайту источнику. Если данные списки пусты, то сбор ссылок производится со всей страницы.

Link collecting plugin. You can specify plugin to override Datacol basic link collecting mechanism. Please inspect this paragraph to find more information on Datacol plugin mechanism.

Test block is used to test specified URL link collecting. When Test button is pressed all campaign settings are immediately saved.

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