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If you selected Static field (field type is selected on Basic tab) Static tab becomes enabled. Select values setting makes it possible to specify set of occurrances of static field, which will be saved (first, last, even, odd or number-range determined occurrances). You can also select Merging string to unite occurrances of static field in result value (merging string supports macroses).

There is a good example of Static field usage. E.g. we need to extract item title and sizes from item page. As a result, we need to obtain one data group (because there can be one and only title) and data extraction and entire page source code will be involved for data extraction. In other words, the entire page code will be one and only sector. At the same time there will be several sizes for one item.  

However, with regard to Standard field, we should always remember that inside of one sector just first found value is obtained. Thus, in this case we will use Static field.

If we use Static field to extract sizes Datacol will collect all its found values, Select values (in correspondance with the abovementioned setting) and will take selected values as static field result value, united by Merging string (comma by default).

Finally, we will take the following data table.

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