Data extract to Excel

Data extract to Excel

Data extract to Excel

Scrapers are programs, which intended to be used for automatic content grabbing from websites. They allow you to collect and process large amounts of information. Scrapers are widely used among professionals of different areas, such as: marketers, SEO-specialists, content-managers, online-store owners, etc. The doubtless advantage of a scraper is not only the automated data collection, but also the possibility to export or import data into a required format for every particular task. The most popular export format is data export into an Excel file. But the uploading of scraped data directly on a website is widely used as well. For example, video files can be exported via a plugin created for video downloading.

Possible formats for data export

Using a scraper you are able to import and export data into any useful format. Here is the list of the most popular ones below:

  • export into a file (CSV, TXT);
  • export into Excel;
  • export into SQL (into a remote database);
  • export into HTML;
  • export into a content management system (Joomla, Instant, DLE, UCoz, WordPress).

Data scraping and export via Datacol

Most scrapers, which you can find on the Internet, are targeted, because they are intended to carry out only one particular task. But there are more applicative programs too – multifunctional scrapers. They can collect nearly all information presented on the Internet. If you are looking for such scraper, then you need Datacol. With Datacol help you can set a big variety of scrapers, such as: email scraper, VK communities scraper, key words scraper, etc. Besides, the obtained data can be processed (uniqualized or translated).

The scraping process can be divided into following phases:

  • Data collection. While scraping information from a website, it’s web-page code is being downloaded and the required information is being extracted out of it.
  • Data export. The scraper saves the collected data into a required format (the most popular option is the export into Excel).

A scraper will help you to accomplish a lot of tasks which could take you days. Consequently, using a scraper in your work is not only the convenient way to collect data, but cost-effective as well. You can download Datacol by downloading it at this link.

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