How to get contact data from a website?

How to get contact data from a website?

How to get contact data from a website?

In order to increase sales volume a lot of companies constantly search for new customers and partners. To get in touch with prospective clients and partners you certainly need their contact data. If you decide to search for contact data on the Internet yourself, you will spend a very long time on doing it. To automate the process of searching for contact information there are special programs – scrapers. Typically, they export contact data in a CSV file.

Usually, contact data is imported from websites in such cases:

  • to collect contacts of companies which sell products you are interested in;
  • to collect contacts of companies which provide needed for you services;
  • to search for prospective partners;
  • to search for prospective customers.

You can collect contact data from almost any web source. Using a scraper you can import contact information from a website and increase number of your customers in the shortest possible time. The scraped list of contacts will help you to raise sales level constantly and stay ahead of the competitors. One of the best scrapers for contact data grabbing is Datacol.

Export of contacts via Datacol

Contact scrapers, realized on the Datacol basis, automatically collect phone numbers and email addresses from websites. All you have to do in the settings, is to specify the websites you want data to be exported from and start the scraper. Usually, our customers want contacts to be exported into a CSV or an Excel file (but notice, that the CSV data format can be edited in Excel). The program saves hundreds of contacts in a matter of minutes. Besides, you can export the CSV with collected contact data on your website. Just imagine how long time can be saved for you!

In current time contact scrapers are on the high demand and become more and more popular with every single day. You can test contact scrapers, realized on the Datacol basis, by downloading the DEMO version at this link.

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