Grabber is an essential assistant of a webmaster

Grabber is an essential assistant of a webmaster

What is grabber?

A website grabber is a program which searches for the required information within a large text fragment (a website code) and splits it into notional parts. Besides, most grabbers not only search for data on websites, but immediately upload it on your resources (blogs, forums, online-stores, etc.)

Grabber use options

Usually, a graber is used in such cases:

  • For the initial website filling. If your website provides users with information (catalogues of articles, essays, texts, etc.), it’s regular maintenance requires a lot of time. But, only if the website contains a big variety of information, site visitors are interested in it. A website grabber (for example, posts grabber, content grabber, images grabber) will help you to fill your website up automatically, and thus rapidly catch up with your competitors and widen amount of the information on your website.
  • To monitor websites information. Estate agents and sales managers usually download a grabber for this purpose. That’s because their duties include monitoring of new announcements and prices on competitive websites. But you no longer need to open dozens of links to look through all offers as well as sort them out. A grabber will manage this task for you.
  • To copy website information. Mostly, copied information is needed for further analysis. When a parser completes it’s work, it saves the information in a file format and the obtained data can be easily analyzed. Also, information copying is used for placing the grabbed data on your resources (for example, for filling a forum, an online-store, a satellite, etc with content).
  • To search for new customers and partners. What kind of business does not need new clients and partners? Sometimes, you should spend a lot of your time on searching, as you have to visit every website, find contact page and copy contact information. A grabber will automate this process and as a result you will get a file with all contact data about your prospective clients and partners.

And the options above are far from all facilities of a website grabber.

Besides, the collected text can be uniqualized with the help of synonymization (its success depends on size of a thesaurus, which is used by a synonymizer) or automatic translation (the quality depends on proper language combination). These tasks can be easily handled by a grabber.

A website grabber will help you to complete most of the tasks related to the collection of information on the Internet. One of the best grabbers nowadays is Datacol. The doubtless advantage of the grabber is settings simplicity, which can be established in a few mouse clicks.The Datacol grabber will save your time and automate routine work. You can download the Datacol grabber at this link.

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