What purposes an email extractor is used for?

What purposes an email extractor is used for?

Implementation areas of an email extractor

Usually, promotion of programs, products or services on the Internet is a quite challenging task. That’s why the email advertising has become very popular recently. However, it is not that easy to create a distribution mailing list. For this purpose you need a web email extractor which allows to obtain contact data about your prospective clients, customers and partners.

Establishment of an email addresses database is one of the most important online marketing tasks, as the mail advertising is a highly effective tool for attracting new real customers. That’s why marketing specialists look for email scrapers which can create a mailout database at short notice. Nowadays, an email extractor is a highly demanded software tool, which popularity among online marketers appears to grow more and more.

What is an email scraper for?

An email extractor is intended to speed up and simplify the process of searching for emails. It allows to expand target distribution audience considerably, whereas manual searching requires much longer time. Moreover, while searching in a manual way, work efficiency is far below the expected level.

An email extractor is usually used for such tasks:

  • Search for particular products or services. If you need contact information of companies which sell products or services you need, an email scraper can help you to find their email addresses.
  • Search for prospective clients or customers. This is the most widespread task. You can find email addresses of potential clients and customers and contact them in a very short time.
  • Search for potential partners. An email scraper is often used for extracting of email addresses of potential partners. Little wonder, since every business needs partners.

The email scraper, realized on Datacol basis

Datacol is a cross-functional websites scraper. The Datacol facilities include email extraction as well. It automatically collects email addresses out of specified websites and saves them to a CSV file.

Using of an email extractor saves your financial expenses and time. Also, it is worth mentioning that with the help of such program you can develop your services and move forward in your business. You can test the email scraper realized on Datacol basis at this link.

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