Datacol – is universal website extractor provided with visual data collecting technology. It will help you to extract data from any website and you still can’t imagine how easy it is. To setup data collecting rules for Datacol, just click on webpage areas you want to harvest and Datacol will generate formulae for parsing content from the whole website.

[spoiler show=”Datacol Export Formats” hide=”Datacol Export Formats”]

Datacol can export collected data to:

  • CSV, TXT, Excel (and any other custom file format);
  • DLE;
  • WordPress;
  • Freeblogs at;
  • Blogspot;
  • Livejournal;

You can also discuss adding other export formats with developers.[/spoiler]

[spoiler show=”Datacol Applications” hide=”Datacol Applications”]

You can create tons of different parsers by yourself with Datacol flexible functionality. As example:

  • Mass free blog poster with Datacol;
  • Datacol + TheBestSpinner;
  • Content by URLs parser;
  • Search engines parser;
  • SEO parameters parsers from different checker-services;
  • Yandex Market Parser;
  • Email parser;
  • Content by keywords parser;
  • Website age mass checker;
  • Social media parser;
  • Website indexation parser;
  • Advertisements parser;
  • Online shops parser;
  • Internal and extranal links parser;
  • Proxy parser;
  • Keyword rank checker;
  • Music, Images and other file formats parser;
  • Forums parser;
  • ETC!


[spoiler show=”Additional Datacol functions” hide=”Additional Datacol functions”]

Datacol functionality can be extended with plugins. Parser can also work through the list of proxy servers, login to website before starting data collecting and use external browser to process Javascript!!!.

[spoiler show=”How to test and buy Datacol” hide=”How to test and buy Datacol”]

Before buying Datacol you can try its demo version. The difference from the full version is just that demo cannot export collected data. Thus before buying Datacol you can completely understand understand if it is able to accomplish your tasks.

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Please, use contact form to contact the developers.

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