Auto translation through EAWS API

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Content translation through EAWS

Datacol Easy Action can translate extracted data through EA-WS.COM online service. D5Plugin_EAWS_Translate is used for this purpose.

Thus you can extract data from any websites with Datacol, translate extracted content through EAWS and export them to different formats.

D5Plugin_EAWS_Translate is free Datacol addon. It is already imported to Datacol Easy Action trial (from 7.11). D5Plugin_EAWS_Translate uses EAWS API translate routine.

Attention! Before plugin usage don`t forget to add funds to your EAWS accout. Currently API cost is 0,05$ per 1000 translated symbols.


[tab name=”Plugin attachment and configuration”]
D5Plugin_EAWS_Translate is attached as data field processing plugin (to translated extracted data field value through EAWS service). Plugin can be attached to several data fields at the same time.

EAWS translate plugin
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D5Plugin_EAWS_Translate configuration can be setup in the corresponding field. The setup must be done for every datafield, where plugin is attached. Configuration parameters are as following:

  • source – source language (en,ru,de,fr,es,zh,ja,it etc.).
  • dest – destination language (similar to the source parameter).
  • username – your EAWS login.
  • password – your EAWS password.


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