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Proxy scraper

Proxy scraper

Proxy servers are not only used for intentional purposes, for example, when someone wants to remain anonymous, cheat voting, cheat clicks and distribute junk mails. Proxies may be helpful for “good” purposes as well, like websites grabbing. At any time you may need to be in a possession of tens or hundreds of proxies, as nowadays a lot of programs (especially for SEO-specialists) have the capability of a proxy usage. If you need just a few of proxies, optionally you can buy them. But what is to be done if we need thousands of proxies? You are hardly interested in spending a fortune on it. Consequently, the most appropriate way in such situation is using a program which is able to grab the needed amount of proxies at any time. A proxy scraper can help you to handle this task.

A scraper is a program which automatically collects necessary information from websites. When you decide to use it, you are likely to try downloading a free scraper. After all, there is no guarantee that paid version would carry out all tasks you need and your money would be well-spent. But when downloading a free scraper you may face such unpleasant things as: lack of necessary export formats, lack of updates, lack of setting assistance and many other. So, if you need a scraper for a work and your income depends on work efficiency of a program, you better do not take any chances. Instead, it is better to buy a scraper which has been at the market for a long time and which you can read good reviews and responses about. For the moment, one of the best scrapers is Datacol. Datacol can be easily configured to collect required information from any website (for example, as an online-store scraper, an announcement scraper, an audio scraper, etc.) and can be set as a proxy scraper as well. The only thing you have to do is to specify the websites you want to collect proxies from, and adjust datafields. Further, you can export grabbed proxies into a file (CSV, TXT, Excel), a database or on a website.

You can test Datacol and try to set the proxy scraper even now. The price of the Datacol scraper is 59$. To learn more about the program’s facilities you can download the DEMO version at this link.

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