Task Specification Plan

Task Specification Plan

It is necessary to compose Task Specification according to the plan given below and send it to us via the contact form. Just in this case we will be able to evaluate the precise cost and time to fulfill your order. To avoid confusion in different versions of Task Specification the best option is to compose it in Google Docs.

[spoiler show=”Warning! About functionality you IMPLIED but has not described in Task Specification!” hide=”Warning! About functionality you IMPLIED but has not described in the Task Specification!”]
WARNING! We perform EXACTLY and JUST what you described in your Task Specification. You will not find any settings or functionality you IMPLIED but have not described in your Task Specification. Extra functionality will be developed on a paid basis ONLY!

[spoiler show=”Warning! About adjustments of settings, plugins and other developments!” hide=”Warning! About adjustments of settings, plugins and other developments!”]
WARNING!!! Any adjustments of settings, plugins and custom solutions (except for bugs correction) are implemented on a paid basis only (e.g. source website layout or data output mechanism is changed). It applies to demo settings/plugins as well as settings/plugins developed on a paid basis. Note: the adjustments are paid regardless of how much time has gone since you accepted our work. Acceptance means revision of the work and your consent that the work is done according to the latest version of the Task Specification.

1. Original website (websites) for data extraction. In other words, web sources to collect data from.

2. The example of page to collect data from (link is necessary). It could be the page with online store item desription, advertisement information, blog post etc. (depending on data extraction source type). It is also necessary to show the datafield set to be extracted ON A SCREENSHOT. It could be online store item number, advertisment text, blog post title etc. If there are pages with different data disposition, their exampes must be provided.

3. Website scanning type: how Datacol must surf the source website. E.g. it can surf the entire website, only categories (or specific categories), only specific pages. If it is necessary to surf specific categories/pages, their exampes (links) must be provided.

4. Extracted data export format. Describe it as detailed as possible. If file format is used, please specify the file encoding, separator (for CSV file) and file column name list. If it is CMS (Content Management System), specify its version. It would be great if you provide us with the test website where we can test your campaign data export.

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5. Is it necessary to download images (or other files) to your computer? If it is, specify the folder.

6. Is it necessary to upload images (or other files) to your FTP server? If it is, specify the server directory. FTP access information (server, port, login and password) can be provided after the agreement on order fulfilling.

7. Is proxy support needed? If it is, specify your preferable proxy type. Any special requirements to the proxy usage mechanism?

8. Does source website use captcha protect? If it does, specify captcha processing mechanism you need – manual or automatic.

9. (IMPORTANT!) Is it necessary to login the source website before data extraction? If it is, provide us with login and password for test.

10. Temporal data extraction algorithm: launch once or regular updates are needed? If regular updates are needed, specify the data extraction schedule you need.

11. Additional details of the Task Specification, not included in the abovementioned items.

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