3 audino lifehacks

Let`s say you have a transcript of your customer interview, team meeting, or client negotiations. You need to analyze it to extract customer pains, nuggets, actionable insights, or whatever. You carry out the analysis using any convenient way for you: directly in the transcription service like Temi, Rev, Trint, etc., Google Docs, or even a common text document.

Customer interview transcript

The analysis is usually too time-consuming. We are like gold diggers, who need to process tons of text lines to find really valuable grains. This painful routine stuff can really blow up your mind. There are 3 lifehacks which can save your time and minimize the routine stuff.

Minimize the routine stuff

Lifehack #1 Meaning-based search

The first one is a meaning-based search. You make a statement or ask a question and our solution finds sentences in a text irrespective of keyword matching. Let`s say question is the following: “how do they share insights with the team”. Our solution found the following closely related information:

Lifehack #1

Lifehack #2: Typical takeaways autodetection

The second one is typical takeaways autodetection. The thing is that typical essential info points like pains, gains, emotions, etc. are usually expressed using similar linguistic patterns. And our solution can automatically detect them. Besides, you can add your own takeaway patterns. Let`s say we need to extract the pain points. Our solution found the following locations in text:

Lifehack #2

Lifehack #3: Easy share and export

And finally – the third lifehack! When takeaways are found, we usually need to share/export them to some database or storage like Airtable, Slack, Confluence, etc. Our solution makes it possible to export the selected text with a click of a button.

Lifehack #3

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