Amazon to Ebay synchronization

Amazon to Ebay synchronization

Who is this article for?

In case you aim at selling products on Ebay, our software solutions can release you from a big amount of routine work. Which exactly routine work we are talking about, we are going to explain in detail in this article.

The point of the task

In a nutshell. Let’s say, you have an Amazon store. Consequently, you face such task as constant synchronization of Amazon with Ebay. What is meant by synchronisation? Basically, it is adding, update and removing of a product. The aim of synchronization is maintenance of the Ebay product range according to the range presented on Amazon.

Solution options

In order to keep the information on Ebay always up-to-date, you can:

  • Monitor changes on Amazon yourself and edit all data on Ebay manually. But be prepared to spend a lot of efforts on this task. The point is that a price list can be changed quite regularly: at some point old items are sold and out of stock, new ones are added, the price can fluctuate and so on.
  • Start using one of the services which automate the work process with marketplaces, for example Sellbrite. But there is no guarantee that your store will be maintained correctly and besides, the price is not that low!
  • Find a freelance specialist and entrust him with a task of developing a new required system. But before doing it, think about all the time and nerves it can take you, not to speak of the price.

Our offer

We offer a solution which will totally automate the synchronization of your products on Amazon and Ebay. Moreover, the solution will be perfectly fitted to your specific task. As a result:

    1. You will save your time and money (depends on whether you do routine tasks yourself or pass them to your employees).
    2. The chance of a mistake caused by human error will be left out.


Nevertheless, let’s go from something on mind to something in kind! In the video we introduce an example of one of synchronizers developed by us.

From Amazon to Ebay

Similarly to the solution presented on the video, we have created the synchronizer from Amazon to Ebay. This way, we can also develop a program tool (extended with additional services according to your specific requirements) to synchronize your products on Ebay with original items on Amazon.

Useful to know

About Amazon

Amazon is a large online platform for international retail distribution. This site is well-known even for those who have never bought anything on the Internet. Amazon specializes at more than thirty kinds of products. You can buy there almost anything, ranging from laptops to clothes. The Amazon headquarters is situated in the USA, but the company also has its departments in Canada, China, Germany, Japan, and England. Initially, Amazon was supposed to sell books, but over the years it turned to a large trading website. Amazon doesn’t have any brick-and-mortar stores, every single item is sold via the Internet. Due to the cost avoidance on warehouses and salespeople, Amazon manages to maintain prices on a quite low level. Besides, this way USA citizens don’t have to pay sales taxes, which they usually pay in a common shop. The website interface is so user friendly that it usually takes you under a couple of minutes to find an item you are interested in, and the payment process takes you even less. In opposition to Ebay, which has a useful feedback system, Amazon has an equally convenient system, which allows to leave a comment about a product you have bought. A comment can be left by every logged person. Also, there is another very useful option – you can vote for a comment and thus encourage other purchasers to read it. All benefits listed above are the reasons for Amazon to be one of the e-Commerce leaders for many years.

About Ebay

eBay is an online auction where every logged user can be both seller and purchaser. There are over 100 millions users registered on eBay from all over the world. Everyday tens of thousands of new products are added on eBay. Initially, eBay was created as nothing short of an internet auction, but after a while auctioning has taken the second place. Now, you can do shopping mostly at a fixed price, without participating in any kind of auctions. Both common users and large companies, which create accounts on eBay, can act as salespeople. Also, you have an opportunity to contact a seller and discuss delivery details or ask for a discount. You can find almost anything on eBay: clothes, electronics, food, furniture, sport goods and even cars. Sometimes you succeed to find a specific item only on eBay. But the most important advantage of this website is that nearly all products there are much cheaper than in local shops. That’s why it is especially demanded among the GUS countries, such as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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