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Let`s say you have a transcript of your customer interview, team meeting, or client negotiations. You need to analyze it to extract customer pains, nuggets, actionable insights, or whatever. You carry out the analysis using any convenient way for you: directly in the transcription service like Temi, Rev, Trint, etc., Google Docs, or even a common text document.

Customer interview transcript

The analysis is usually too time-consuming. We are like gold diggers, who need to process tons of text lines to find really valuable grains. This painful routine stuff can really blow up your mind. There are 3 lifehacks which can save your time and minimize the routine stuff.

Minimize the routine stuff

Lifehack #1 Meaning-based search

The first one is a meaning-based search. You make a statement or ask a question and our solution finds sentences in a text irrespective of keyword matching. Let`s say question is the following: “how do they share insights with the team”. Our solution found the following closely related information:

Lifehack #1

Lifehack #2: Typical takeaways autodetection

The second one is typical takeaways autodetection. The thing is that typical essential info points like pains, gains, emotions, etc. are usually expressed using similar linguistic patterns. And our solution can automatically detect them. Besides, you can add your own takeaway patterns. Let`s say we need to extract the pain points. Our solution found the following locations in text:

Lifehack #2

Lifehack #3: Easy share and export

And finally – the third lifehack! When takeaways are found, we usually need to share/export them to some database or storage like Airtable, Slack, Confluence, etc. Our solution makes it possible to export the selected text with a click of a button.

Lifehack #3

Filling up of a website with content in automatic mode

Filling up of a website with content in automatic mode

Even the incredibly creative person, who constantly has a lot of fresh ideas for new articles, physically cannot maintain several resources at one time. Unfortunately, we have only 24 hours in a day, when writing articles requires a lot of time. But nevertheless, the filling up a website with content is one of the main duties of every online owner or webmaster. Each of them solves this task their own way. Some entrust content posting to a content-manager, whereas other use special software tools, which are able to fill up a website with information automatically.

Nowadays, automatic content posting is not a rare practice. A lot of website owners use it for a long time so far, but some of them feel suspicious about such software solutions and wonder whether it is a really good idea to use automatic tools for content creation or not. To answer this question, firstly we should clarify how such programs work and what they really are.

Automatic website filling refers to posting articles on a web resource in automatic mode, without involving a living person in the process. You don’t need to hire a content manager for this task anymore, and thus you can considerably save your time and money. It’s an open fact, that users visit a website to get some information they are interested in. If your website is a big news resource or kind of any other large web portal, the news content presented on it should be regularly updated. In order not to spend time and money on purchasing content on marketplaces again and again, you can try automatic filling up. This process is carried out by special programs – scrapers. A scraper copies content from a source website and then downloads it to a file or uploads it on your website.

Filling up of a website with content via a scraper

A scraper is a program, which automatically collects any required information from websites. Using a scraper you are able to post content on your website quickly and efficiently and additionally you can monitor content in automatic mode. One of the most multifunctional scrapers is Datacol.

Datacol allows you to automate collection of content from websites. You can get limitless amounts of information absolutely for free. Besides, Datacol can uniqualize the obtained data and upload it directly on your website. If you want to test the content scraper, realized on the Datacol basis, you can download it at this link.

What purposes an email extractor is used for?

Implementation areas of an email extractor

Usually, promotion of programs, products or services on the Internet is a quite challenging task. That’s why the email advertising has become very popular recently. However, it is not that easy to create a distribution mailing list. For this purpose you need a web email extractor which allows to obtain contact data about your prospective clients, customers and partners.

Establishment of an email addresses database is one of the most important online marketing tasks, as the mail advertising is a highly effective tool for attracting new real customers. That’s why marketing specialists look for email scrapers which can create a mailout database at short notice. Nowadays, an email extractor is a highly demanded software tool, which popularity among online marketers appears to grow more and more.

What is an email scraper for?

An email extractor is intended to speed up and simplify the process of searching for emails. It allows to expand target distribution audience considerably, whereas manual searching requires much longer time. Moreover, while searching in a manual way, work efficiency is far below the expected level.

An email extractor is usually used for such tasks:

The email scraper, realized on Datacol basis

Datacol is a cross-functional websites scraper. The Datacol facilities include email extraction as well. It automatically collects email addresses out of specified websites and saves them to a CSV file.

Using of an email extractor saves your financial expenses and time. Also, it is worth mentioning that with the help of such program you can develop your services and move forward in your business. You can test the email scraper realized on Datacol basis at this link.

How to export data to Excel?

How to export data to Excel?

There are special programs, which can import data into an Excel file. They are called scrapers. A website scraper is used to collect content from websites automatically. A scraper is demanded among professionals of different areas: SEO-specialists, marketers, online store owners, etc. One of the most important advantages of a scraper is the provided possibility of data import into almost any required format. The data import into an Excel or a CSV file is the most popular option, but the upload directly on a website is also in a high demand. For example, you can import a product list to a CSV file with further uploading on a website, or upload it straight on your CMS.

Possible formats for data import

Using a scraper you have the opportunity to import collected data into a useful format. Let us list the most popular ones:

Data collection via Datacol

Most of modern scrapers, which you can find on the Internet, are targeted. It means that they collect information only from one single website. But if you want to purchase a more efficient program, you need a cross-functional scraper. It will help you to collect nearly any information from the Internet. If it is exactly the scraper you need, then you are looking for Datacol.

The scraping process can be conditionally divided into three phases:

Datacol will automate the accomplishment of loads of tasks which before could take you weeks. That’s why a scraper not only simplifies the process of data collection, but saves your time and money as well. You can test the multifunctional Datacol scraper by downloading it at this link.

How to get contact data from a website?

How to get contact data from a website?

In order to increase sales volume a lot of companies constantly search for new customers and partners. To get in touch with prospective clients and partners you certainly need their contact data. If you decide to search for contact data on the Internet yourself, you will spend a very long time on doing it. To automate the process of searching for contact information there are special programs – scrapers. Typically, they export contact data in a CSV file.

Usually, contact data is imported from websites in such cases:

You can collect contact data from almost any web source. Using a scraper you can import contact information from a website and increase number of your customers in the shortest possible time. The scraped list of contacts will help you to raise sales level constantly and stay ahead of the competitors. One of the best scrapers for contact data grabbing is Datacol.

Export of contacts via Datacol

Contact scrapers, realized on the Datacol basis, automatically collect phone numbers and email addresses from websites. All you have to do in the settings, is to specify the websites you want data to be exported from and start the scraper. Usually, our customers want contacts to be exported into a CSV or an Excel file (but notice, that the CSV data format can be edited in Excel). The program saves hundreds of contacts in a matter of minutes. Besides, you can export the CSV with collected contact data on your website. Just imagine how long time can be saved for you!

In current time contact scrapers are on the high demand and become more and more popular with every single day. You can test contact scrapers, realized on the Datacol basis, by downloading the DEMO version at this link.

How to get content for your website?

Where to find original content?

One of the aspects of your website’s success is regular content publishing. There are different ways to get needed content. You can buy it on an online marketplace or use a scraper which would search for any necessary topic-based information in any quantities for you. Now, let us tell you about every of those ways in detail.

So, we have carried the search of information out. The next task is to check the content uniqueness.

How to check the content uniqueness?

Surely, every website or blog owner has wondered someday at the content originality check. That’s because only if your content differs from any other information on the Internet, search engines are able to find your site among thousands of them. Thus, you can increase amount of the visitors on you website and go up to the search results top. You can check whether your content is original or not via lots of websites, desktop applications or sesch systems. You can choose the most appropriate way for you while processing the content.


Consequently, if you fill you website with proper content regularly, you have bigger chances to get a better place in the search system results. Of course, you can buy content on one of the online marketplaces. But on the other hand, you may cut your expenses considerably by using a scraper, which searches for content and uniqualizes it for you. Besides, content uniqueness check won’t take you a lot of time. You can download the content scraper, realized on the Datacol basis, at this link.

What is a content scraper for?

What is a content scraper for?

In order your website could stand out of millions of others, you need qualitative content. Why does it have to be high-quality? The answer is quite simple: to associate the content with your website and to go up to the search system results top. Of course, the best option is to write articles for a website yourself, but unfortunately you don’t always have enough time.

Ways to get good content

At some point, everyone who create or promote websites have wondered at the ways to find proper content. Let’s list the most widespread methods:

Datacol is the best content scraper

Datacol is the cross-functional program, developed to grab information from the Internet. Using Datacol you can collect required information almost from any website. After the scraping, the obtained data can be uniqualized via auto translation or synonymization so that your content is original. Using Datacol you are able to download the grabbed data into a file format or directly on your website.

Regularly updated, high-quality content is a key to a website’s success. Of course, it is a good idea to purchase content on a marketplace, but search for content with the help of a scraper is more cost-effective way. You can download the Datacol content scraper at this link.

Data extract to Excel

Data extract to Excel

Scrapers are programs, which intended to be used for automatic content grabbing from websites. They allow you to collect and process large amounts of information. Scrapers are widely used among professionals of different areas, such as: marketers, SEO-specialists, content-managers, online-store owners, etc. The doubtless advantage of a scraper is not only the automated data collection, but also the possibility to export or import data into a required format for every particular task. The most popular export format is data export into an Excel file. But the uploading of scraped data directly on a website is widely used as well. For example, video files can be exported via a plugin created for video downloading.

Possible formats for data export

Using a scraper you are able to import and export data into any useful format. Here is the list of the most popular ones below:

Data scraping and export via Datacol

Most scrapers, which you can find on the Internet, are targeted, because they are intended to carry out only one particular task. But there are more applicative programs too – multifunctional scrapers. They can collect nearly all information presented on the Internet. If you are looking for such scraper, then you need Datacol. With Datacol help you can set a big variety of scrapers, such as: email scraper, VK communities scraper, key words scraper, etc. Besides, the obtained data can be processed (uniqualized or translated).

The scraping process can be divided into following phases:

A scraper will help you to accomplish a lot of tasks which could take you days. Consequently, using a scraper in your work is not only the convenient way to collect data, but cost-effective as well. You can download Datacol by downloading it at this link.

Scraper for content management systems

Scraper for content management systems

Content plays a very important part on the Internet. A lot of websites leave their competitors behind and go up to the first places of a search system results because of good content. The proper content management will make your website attractive for visitors and can considerably widen your audience. In order to automate the process of filling a website with content you can hire a content manager or use programs which search for content and, after scraping, publish it on your website.

A scraper is a program which immediately collects and analyzes information. Such program allows you to fill your website with required amount of data. A scraper automatically searches for needed information on a source website and further upload the obtained data on your content management system (CMS). Besides, when using a scraper you get content for free. Also, you can update the information on your website automatically. You understand, that a user won’t visit your website once more if the information there is out-of-date. That’s why it is necessary to update the data regularly.

The Datacol scraper for automatic filling of a website

There is an enormous variety of different information on the Internet. But how to find necessary amount of topic-based information from different sources? You will waste a lot of time when searching for content manually, whereas the Datacol scraper immediately fills content management systems with required information. With the help of this program you can unite information from different sources on your website, and thus appeal more visitors. The information, which previously have been collected via the Datacol scraper, can be downloaded on a website based on any content management system:

If you use Datacol you don’t have to think how to manually collect information from the Internet anymore. The program will scrape information itself and then will upload it on your website. You will save your time, efforts and money and besides you will certainly enhance the website traffic and popularity. You can test the Datacol scraper work, by downloading it at this link.

Grabber is an essential assistant of a webmaster

What is grabber?

A website grabber is a program which searches for the required information within a large text fragment (a website code) and splits it into notional parts. Besides, most grabbers not only search for data on websites, but immediately upload it on your resources (blogs, forums, online-stores, etc.)

Grabber use options

Usually, a graber is used in such cases:

And the options above are far from all facilities of a website grabber.

Besides, the collected text can be uniqualized with the help of synonymization (its success depends on size of a thesaurus, which is used by a synonymizer) or automatic translation (the quality depends on proper language combination). These tasks can be easily handled by a grabber.

A website grabber will help you to complete most of the tasks related to the collection of information on the Internet. One of the best grabbers nowadays is Datacol. The doubtless advantage of the grabber is settings simplicity, which can be established in a few mouse clicks.The Datacol grabber will save your time and automate routine work. You can download the Datacol grabber at this link.

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