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Thread number. Thread number used to accomplish all tasks within given campaign.

Interval. Time interval (sec) between 2 pages loading (for one thread). Interval is usually used to make automatic source website serfing more natural (to avoid ip ban).

Results per parsing. Maximum result groups to collect per parsing. When Datacol collected set results number, it is finishing its work. If setting is set to zero, restriction is ignored.

Pages per parsing. Maximum pages to be processed per parsing. After setting-defined number of processed pages parsing process is finishing. If setting is set to zero, restriction is ignored.

Max results to show. Max result groups (collected during given campaign work) to show in Datacol news and results block of main form. Do not make this value too high, because that will bring to extra memory load.

Load portions. This setting allows to organize pauses between page portions loading. Scheme is the following. When parser loaded as much pages as set in Portion size (calculated in pages), it is starting sleeping time. Sleeping time length is determined with Interval setting (calculated in seconds). After sleeping time comes to end parser continue working.

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