Scrape data from websites

How to scrape data from website?

Data extractor is a solution from DCBots to scrape data from any website . As input data, you set listing link.

Finally, you receive products and prices from online retailers, reviews, ratings, images, new sales leads from directories, communities and social media and other essential data on relevant websites. We can also customize Data scraper to mine more data if you need.

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Data extractor Usecases

You obviously know about the changes in the global network. The amount of information is increasing and the quality of it is improving all the time. Thus, the companies are always in search of the ways to get this information from the Internet.

There are many methods of collecting information from any sites nowadays. It is possible to collect the data from the websites about entertainment or business. If you have such a necessity, DCBots software will be very useful.

When you make a research work or some plans, this extraction software is everything you need. The advantage of DCBots is more convenient usage as to making your own settings to extract the required data.

You can use data extraction tools for unlimited goals having different issues. There are different examples of the general usage. They can serve for the purposes of every utilizer.

The first way to use the software is to get the information for the analysis of the consumer market. Web data extraction software can be used to stay well informed about the run of your company during the next six months. In this way, it appears to be efficient means of the research of market. The information scraper is used to receive data from numerous companies that analyzes the market. After that, the information can be combined in one place for more convenient use.

Another common method of using data extraction tools is to gather the contact information from numerous websites. For instance, phone number, address, e-mail or other contacts. As a result, you will gain the record of producers, providers and other people of relevance for your company or industry. Moreover, you will obtain their corresponding contact info.

Data extraction software is useful for downloading solutions from StackOverflow to keep and read it offline. The information can be gathered from different Q&A websites, such as StackOverflow and many others. So you become less dependent on the Internet. You can access the sources without effort, despite available Internet connection.

Another use of DCBots is searching for the applicants or job. It can be applied by candidates searching for specific spheres of employment. The employers who need to hire more workers for their company should also use this software.
One more point of using extraction tools is to trace price policy on different consumer markets. Those who like online shopping and monitor prices of goods in different online shops all the time, will find data extractor useful for these purposes.

DCBots is data extraction software that gives an opportunity to scrape any HTML website. Any list and table posted on the website can be easily extracted and uploaded to Excel or Google Sheets. Web sites can be also exported into XLSX, TSV or CSV files.

The advantage of using data extraction tools is that you do not need to gather information by hand.
For easy extract of information due to various filters, use data extractor.

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