Automate structured data extraction from Google Maps

Extrasaur Maps – Chrome extension to help you extract structured company data from Google Maps and download them as XLSX/CSV (download sample file).

Customers are pretty close

Collect data on companies located near you and build business together. You can save data to Excel/CSV file with a click of a button.

Find highly relevant audience to sell website building and online marketing services

With Extrasaur you can easily find companies without websites or social media. Just extract their contacts and offer them your services. Scale your business with Extrasaur!

Collect company contacts to send your business proposal

Google maps is a great source of phone numbers and other contacts for your cold calling or outreach marketing campaigns.

How it works?

1. Setup Extrasaur extension to the Chrome browser.

2. Go to Google Maps. Setup search area and enter your search query. The larger the scale is – the more companies you can collect.

3. When company list will be loaded – click “Start” button on the extension panel.

4. Watch Extrasaur extracting all company data. After process is complemed – just save result to XLSX or CSV file.


No limits

Extract company public info including phone numbers and social media without any limits for the fixed price.


We do not store any information on data you extract. Using Extrasaur is completely anonymous.

As easy as possible

Just enter your Google maps search phrase and click Start. Extrasaur is as easy as possible.

Plan comparison

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