LeIm Reader

Easy reading original texts (even at A1!!!) + vocabulary boost

Read content which matters for you in a new language. No more searching for boring adapted texts. Easily turn any webpage into a word revision exercise.

How it works?

1. Add LeIm extension to your Chrome browser.

2. Select any text of your interest and send it to the LeIm reader.

3. Click any unknown word to fast check its translation, which is RELEVANT in the current context!

4. Estimate word frequency to make decision if you gonna learn it (and click the corresponding “Learn” button) or just leave for future.

Go on reading and marking words to learn. They can be easily noticed in the text. And finally turn the revision mode itself.

5. All the “to learn” words are clozed in Revision mode. In this way you can check yourself by active recalling each particular word. And for check if your assumptions are correct, just click the question icon above the word.

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