Ebay to WordPress synchronization

Synchronization of Ebay seller account with WordPress website

Who is this article for?

If you are going to sell on WordPress, our software solutions may release you from a large amount of routine work. Which routine work we are talking about? This is exactly what we are going to explain in this article.

The point of the task

Let’s say, you have a WordPress store. Immediately we face the task of constant synchronization of Ebay with WordPress. What we call synchronisation? Particularly, it is adding, editing and removing of product items. The main goal of synchronization is updating of the WordPress product range according to the one presented on Ebay.

Solution methods

In order the information on WordPress to be always relevant, you can:

  • Constantly monitor updates on the Ebay website and edit related data on WordPress yourself. But be prepared to spend a lot of time on this task. The point is that a price list can be changed quite regularly: old items are sold out, new ones are added, the prices fluctuate and so on.
  • Start using one of the services which simplify synchronization. For instance it may be Skubana. But there is no guarantee that it would work properly with your online store and besides, they are quite expensive!
  • Think of choosing a freelancer specialist and set a task of developing a new program. But before doing it think about all the nerves it can take you, not to speak of the expenses…

Our solution

We provide the solution which will totally automate the synchronization of your products on Ebay and WordPress. Moreover, the program can be perfectly adjusted to your task. As a result:

1. You will save your time and money (depends on whether you do routine tasks yourself or pass them to your colleagues).
2. The huge chance of a mistake caused by human error will be left out.


Let’s go from something on mind to something in kind! In this video we will show an example of one of synchronizers realized by us.

From Ebay to WordPress

Similarly to the solution, presented on the video, we have created the synchronizer from Ebay to WordPress. We can build a similar program tool (extended with features according to your specific requirements) to synchronize your WordPress online store with the original Ebay store.

Useful to know

About Ebay

eBay is an online auction where every user can choose to be a seller or a purchaser. There are over 100 millions users from all over the world registered on eBay. Everyday tens of thousands of products are sold at this huge platform. Initially eBay has been marketed as nothing short of an internet auction, but after a while auctioning has taken the second place, and now you can buy most of items at a fixed price, without participating in any kind of bidding. Common users and large companies both can act as salespeople. Also, you can contact a seller and discuss the most comfortable delivery options or ask for a discount. You can find almost anything on eBay: household appliances, clothes, food, furniture, sport goods and even automotive items. Sometimes it is possible to find some specific item only on eBay and nowhere else. But the main advantage of this website is that nearly all products there are much cheaper than in our local shops. That’s why it is especially popular among the people from GUS countries (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus).

About WordPress

At present time WordPress is one of the most popular and convenient content management systems. Originally, WordPress has been created for keeping blogs, but soon it has become popular not only among bloggers but among owners of common websites as well. Due to the efforts of developers the program has been growing and improving rapidly. Working with WordPress CMS is totally free, and besides it has open source code. It allows even newcomers to puzzle out the system operation without much difficulties. On WordPress basis can be created simple websites, particularly: small online stores, online business websites, portfolios, information website, personal web-pages, etc. WordPress has a quite simple interface. That’s why even a first-timer can start working with the administration panel at the first go. The WordPress functionality can be considerably expanded by setting additional plugins. You can simply modify a website layout by applying ready-to-use patterns and add new content instantly. Now you are aware that you can create a quite convenient and professional website on the WordPress basis.

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