Synchronization of Amazon account with Magento online store

Synchronization of Amazon account with Magento online store

Who is this article for?

If you are going to sell products on a Magento online store, our software developments can save you from a large amount of routine work. What exactly we are talking about, we’ve explained below in this article.

Problem statement

Let’s say, that you have a Magento online store. In this case, such problem as constant synchronization of Amazon with Magento emerges immediately. What are we thinking of when saying “synchronisation”? In the simplest terms synchronization process includes adding, updating and removing items. The intended purpose of synchronization is maintenance of the Magento price list in compliance with the list presented on Amazon. Click here for more information about synchronisation.

Solution methods

In order to keep data on your Magento store always relevant, you can:

  • Track updates on Amazon yourself and edit all information on Magento manually. But be set for spending quite some time and a lot of efforts on this task. The problem is that a product list usually fluctuates quite regularly. In particular, some old items are eventually sold out, new ones are added, prices are increased, etc.
  • Use one of the synchronization services, for example Sellbrite. But there is a possibility that it won’t work with your online store correctly and besides, such services are quite expensive!
  • Look for a freelance developer, who can create a new system. But first, think about all the time and nerves it can take you, not to speak of the price…

Our offer

We offer the development which totally automates the synchronization of your product range on Amazon and Magento. As a result:

    1. You will save your time and money (depends on whether you do monotonous tasks yourself or pass them to your colleagues).
    2. The chance of a mistake caused by human error has the probability of 99% to be left out.


Let’s move from words to action! In the video we introduce one of the synchronizers built by us.

From Amazon to Magento

Similarly to the example displayed on the video, we have developed the synchronizer from Amazon to Magento. This way, we can also create a software solution (extended with additional functionality according to your specific needs) to synchronize your Magento online store with original shop on Amazon.

Useful to know

About Amazon

Amazon is a large online platform intended for international retail distribution. This site is well-known even for those who have never bought anything on the Internet. You can find on Amazon more than thirty kinds of products. You can buy there almost anything, ranging from laptops to shoes. The Amazon home office is situated in the USA, but the company also has its departments in England, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and China. Initially, Amazon was intended to sell books, but over the years it turned to a large trading platform. Amazon doesn’t have any brick-and-mortar stores, every product is sold entirely via the Internet. Due to the cost avoidance on warehouses and salespeople, Amazon manages to maintain prices on a quite low level. Besides, this way USA citizens are excused from paying sales taxes, which they usually pay in common shops. The website interface is so user friendly that it usually takes you under a couple of minutes to find an item you are interested in, and the payment process even less. Amazon has the convenient system, which allows to leave a comment about a product you have bought. A comment can be left by every registered person, after they have bought something. Also, what is really useful, is that you can vote for a comment and thus encourage other potential purchasers of a product to read it. All benefits listed above are the reasons for Amazon to be one of the e-Commerce leaders for many years.

About Magento

Magento is one of the most popular CMS for online store workflow management. There are more than 100 thousands of online stores created on the Magento basis. Also more than thousand enhancements have been developed for this CMS. The platform is very useful for both: customers and online store content-managers. Additional updates and plugin development opportunities are the signature features of Magento. A lot of famous online stores, such as Gap, Samsung, Lenovo, Olympus and many others, work on this platform. Magento offers good work efficiency, stable operation and development of your online project. Initially, the system developers Roy Rubin and Yoav Kuttner were engaged in developing online stores on osCommerce. There is no need in detailed description of all the Magento abilities, since you can set an online store of any complexity on its basis. The Magento price depends on your personal needs and wideness of your product range. We wouldn’t recommend using Magento for setting a small online store, because it is not that easy to learn and quite expensive in service. It is better to use this CMS for large projects, where the functionality counts the most.

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