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Scraping of Google results has become a very popular task a long time ago. After all, if you need to get information from search results, you hardly want to collect them manually. You would spend a lot of time and your work would be ineffective. What can help you to automate information collection is a Google scraper.

A Google scraper is widely used for such purposes:

  • Links capturing from Google search results. This is the most widespread task. SEO- and internet marketing specialists usually use it at their job, as they often face the challenge to analyze links from the Google results. One of the duties of SEO-specialists is exploring competitors’ websites, since success of the website promotion depends on proper competitor analysis.
  • Content scraping from Google. This task is highly requested by webmasters who create satellites. A content parser allows you to get the needed amount of topic-based content out of the Google search results. Besides, you have the opportunity to make it unique (using the synonimization or the automatic translation), and to import the data to your CMS. The Datacol web scraper provides the opportunity to import all collected information in any CMS you need (WordPress, DLE, etc).

Google scraper algorithm

Data capturing from Google results is one of the most common scraping tasks. A Google-search-parser enables you to obtain all information you need. Google scraper algorithm is sequenced in three stages:

    1. Capturing of required information from the results.

    2. Saving of the collected information. A scraper exports Google results to file formats (CSV, TXT, Excel), databases (Mysql, MSsql) and content management systems (WordPress, DLE, Joomla). As a result we have the Google results in a useful format.

    3. Information processing. Optionally, we have the opportunity to make collected information different from similar content on the Internet, using synonymization and machine translate. Besides, if you need, you can use checker-scraper for anonymous scraping.

The Yandex scraper can be set in similar way as well.

Google scraper benefits

Web scrapers have become good assistants for SEO-specialists and marketers, who work with search results, a long time ago. They help to save your time as well as to rid yourself of doing routine work. In order to test the Google scraper realized on Datacol basis, you can download its DEMO version at this link.

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