Price list scraper

Price list scraper

Price list scraper

Advertising, design and marketing play a very important role when opening an online store. But even if you handled every of these aspects right, they couldn’t produce expected results without filling a website with proper content. When promoting a web store, you should make it as attractive as possible for search systems. What do we need for this? The answer is quite simple: detailed product description. If your store specialization is automotive, you should specify technical specifications of every article. If it is shoes, then include size, color, season, fabric data. Product properties and descriptions can be added on your website manually or automatically. If there are scores of items on your web store, hypothetically you could fill it up within a day. It is quite time-consuming process, as you have to add description, price, picture and other information about the properties of a product. But what is to be done if several thousands of products have to be uploaded on an online store? In such case you can’t do without automatization of the process. Using a scraper you can download a product price list from a vendor website in a matter of minutes and further fill your own web store with content. Product data can be downloaded directly to a webstore, or to a CSV file.

Online-store scraping with the help of Datacol

Usually, a product scraper is used to download product price lists, items description, pictures and other properties. Datacol can easily handle such tasks. The working algorithm of the web store parser can be divided into three phases:

1. Scraping of information about products. All the required information is being collected: name, price, size, color, picture and so on.
2. Saving of the obtained information (usually, data is exported in a the CSV format.)
3. Data export. Our customers usually need to download a product price list for subsequent export to Joomla, but export to other CMS is also possible.

To sum up: product scrapers are good assistants for online-store owners and content managers for a long time now. Using a scraper you are able to download a product price list from a vendor web store and fill your webstore with content in a few minutes. You can download the online-store scraper, realized on the Datacol basis, at this link.

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