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Our services for Datacol customers

[spoiler show=”Datacol settings (campaigns) development for certain websites” hide=”Datacol settings development for specific sites”]
Data extraction settings development for a certain website costs from 25$ (the price depends on the setting complexity and is evaluated on a case-by-case basis).We develop settings just in case the customer provides us with the detailed task description according to our plan.
[spoiler show=”Datacol plugin development” hide=”Datacol plugin development”]
Datacol plugin development cost is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. E.g. you can order plugin which will make it possible to export data extraction results to a certain CMS you need.

[spoiler show=”About adjustment of settings, plugins and other solutions” hide=”About adjustment of settings, plugins and other solutions”]
Any adjustments of settings, plugins and custom solutions (except for bugs correction) are implemented on a paid basis only (e.g. source website layout or data output mechanism is changed). It applies to demo settings/plugins as well as settings/plugins developed on a paid basis. Note: the adjustments are paid regardless of how much time has gone since you accepted our work. Acceptance means revision of the work and your consent that the work is done according to the latest version of the Task Specification.

[spoiler show=”Consultation on using the program” hide=”Consultation on Datacol adjustment”]
Suppose, you want to adjust Datacol on your own without wasting time on Datacol Help examination. In this case, you can request paid consultation. We can provide consultation via Skype or Yahoo Messenger. Consultation costs 25$/hour. It is necessary to specify time of the consultation 2-3 days beforehand. Moreover, it is necessary to prepare the list of your questions (briefly) and send it to us before the consultation.
We consult only Datacol customers.

[spoiler show=”We reserve the right to deny the order if…” hide=”We reserve the right to deny the order if…”]

  • We do not understand the task specification;
  • We think that your task impementation is problematic;
  • A customer expresses dissatisfaction giving as a reason that ON HIS/HER OPINION adjustment should be free of charge; buying the program he/she THOUGHT that he/she ENSLAVES us; we are guilty that the customer did not examine the website and the terms of purchase etc.


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Custom parser development

We can develop custom crawlers and web-robots for you. We have done a good deal of groundwork for such solutions. Moreover, most of such tasks can be done with the help of our universal Datacol parser.

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