How to get price lists?

Import of price lists and descriptions via an online-store scraper

How to get price lists?

Filling an online store with products is not that difficult task, but it requires a lot of time. Optionally, you could fill up a web store manually and thus save your money. Or you could hire a specialist who would handle import of price lists and products for you. This task is quite time-consuming, as you have to collect properties, images, prices and description of every product. But when starting your own online store, you want to get ahead with selling as soon as possible. Webstore filling duration depends on the amount of products and personal abilities of a worker who uploads price lists and products on a website.

It is the filling-up that usually slows back the launch of an online store. It can be OK, if your product range includes a hundred of items or less, but what to do if there are thousands of them? In such case, it can take you months to fill up your store and, eventually, you will end up with the need for an external assistance. You can hire a professional, pay them for provided services and they will fill up your store. But still, both of these options take up your time! You understand, that even a month of downtime – is an income that you could have earned.The faster your web store is up and running, the sooner customers will get to know your store, start purchasing exactly your items, and the sooner your site becomes recognizable and indexed by search systems.

In order to automate the process of filling a web store, there are special programs – scrapers. They collect necessary information from a source website, download it to a file (the most popular option is export to a CSV file) or upload on your website.

Import of price lists and descriptions via Datacol

The Datacol program, on which basis the online-store scraper is realized, can easily fill up your web store. The working algorithm of the online-store scraper is pretty simple. For example, there are a donor website (information source) and our online store, which the price lists and product descriptions should be imported on. Using Datacol you can easily scrape the product information from a vendor website. Further, the collected data is being exported to a CSV file or directly on your website (import and export to Virtuemart are the most popular). This way you can fill your online store with information from several different donor websites. Besides, Datacol will allow you to update content regularly and add new items.

An online-store scraper can considerably cut financial expenses and save time for a web store owner. If you are interested in Datacol, you can download the program at this link.

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