How to scrape information from a website?

How to scrape information from a website?

Automation of information scraping from websites

One of the best programs for information grabbing from websites is the Datacol scraper. It allows you to download needed information in a matter of minutes and export obtained data into the file format. Usually, data scrapers are widely used by online-store owners, estate agents and SEO-professionals. This way they rid themselves of doing routine work.

Scraper usage options

Usually, scrapers are used for such purposes:

  • Information control. You do not have to monitor websites and look through loads of links constantly. The scraper will handle this task for you.
  • Content downloading with subsequent placement on your own website. Information extraction and further publishing on your own resource is one of the most popular options of the scraper usage. Before the placement of the obtained content on your site it can be unicalized.
  • Collection of information for further analysis. You can upload required information into a file for following processing and analysis.

The Craiglist scraper realized on the Datacol basis

The Craiglist scraper realized on the Datacol basis can help you to keep up with the current situation on the real estate market. It collects information about every announcement: heading, description, publishing date, picture and announcement link. After the process of scraping, obtained information is being downloaded into a CSV file, which can be imported on your website if required. The most demanded one is import into Joomla, WordPress etc.

So, if you use a scraper for your work you can acquire significant advantage over your competitors. You not only automate accomplishment of a lot of tasks, but improve the effectiveness of working process. You can test The Datacol scraper at this link.

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