How to scrape phone numbers from a website?

How to scrape phone numbers from a website?

How to scrape phone numbers from a website?

Most companies search for new clients and partners in order to promote their products. But what do you have to do for this? The answer is simple: if you want to bring commercial information to your prospective clients and partners, you need their phone numbers. You will waste a lot of time if you decide to search for all needed phone numbers on the Internet yourself. That’s why special programs are widely used to automate the process of scraping of contact information. A phone directory, which contains the numbers of required companies, will allow you to create a cross-functional software system for promotion, marketing and sales level boost. You can get such directory using a phone numbers scraper.

Phone number directories are used in such cases:

  • If you need a list of phone numbers of companies or organisations, which sell products or services you are interested in, you cannot do without a phone directory.
  • At some point of your business promotion you consider downloading an e-directory of phone numbers in order to find prospective partners. After all, every business needs more partnership links.
  • Using a scraper, you can download a list of phone numbers of companies, which can become your clients. Thus you can complete search for new customers within a very short time. This case of using a phone scraper is the most widespread one.

Datacol phone number scraper

Using the Datacol extractor you will have the opportunity to create your own phone number directory. Let us familiarize you with the working algorithm of the Datacol phone scraper:

  • In settings you should specify the websites, which numbers will be collected from, and start the scraper. Within a few minutes of the program work, it can create an e-directory, which contains more than 1000 phone numbers.
  • After the collection, phone numbers will be saved in a CSV-file. Further, you can find this file on your computer in the “Documents” folder. The web email scraper, which allows you to download addresses into an email database, works in the same manner as the phone scraper.

All thing considered, using a phone scraper for your work not only saves your time, but cuts financial expenses as well. Nowadays, phone scrapers are highly demanded and become more and more popular in this field. You can test the work of the Datacol phone scraper after downloading the DEMO version at this link.

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