How to export data to Excel?

How to export data to Excel?

How to export data to Excel?

There are special programs, which can import data into an Excel file. They are called scrapers. A website scraper is used to collect content from websites automatically. A scraper is demanded among professionals of different areas: SEO-specialists, marketers, online store owners, etc. One of the most important advantages of a scraper is the provided possibility of data import into almost any required format. The data import into an Excel or a CSV file is the most popular option, but the upload directly on a website is also in a high demand. For example, you can import a product list to a CSV file with further uploading on a website, or upload it straight on your CMS.

Possible formats for data import

Using a scraper you have the opportunity to import collected data into a useful format. Let us list the most popular ones:

  • import into Excel;
  • import into WordPress;
  • import into Joomla;
  • import into Virtuemart.

Data collection via Datacol

Most of modern scrapers, which you can find on the Internet, are targeted. It means that they collect information only from one single website. But if you want to purchase a more efficient program, you need a cross-functional scraper. It will help you to collect nearly any information from the Internet. If it is exactly the scraper you need, then you are looking for Datacol.

The scraping process can be conditionally divided into three phases:

  • Data collection. While scraping information from a website, it’s web-page code is being downloaded and the required information is being extracted out of it.
  • Data import. Further, the scraper saves the obtained data into a useful format (the most popular options are CSV and XLS imports).
  • Data processing. Besides, you can process the scraped information. For example, it can be uniqualized, or translated via auto translator. The data processing is handled by plugins.

Datacol will automate the accomplishment of loads of tasks which before could take you weeks. That’s why a scraper not only simplifies the process of data collection, but saves your time and money as well. You can test the multifunctional Datacol scraper by downloading it at this link.

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